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Important Information

Custom items are not refundable. Changes to the order cannot be made after the order has been started. 7 day return for manufacture defect or if the item does not fit. If the item is returned, it will be remade or repaired where ever applicable. Size of any item that requires a measurement will be confirmed before shipping and will not be eligible for returned unless the fault lies on the manufacture.

Warranty Info:

1 year limited manufacture warranty for manufacture defect by regular wear from normal use.  Bio-thane products have a limited lifetime warranty.

Glue will void the warranty, including sticky Velcro on any product unless advised by the seller to do so. Altering a product will also void the warranty. Misuse of our product is not covered under warranty and the buyer is responsible for compensating the seller for any and all repairs to damaged items. We do not manufacture our own materials, therefore broken hardware is not our fault. However if it can be repaired or replaced  and we are happy to do so. Customer is responsible for shipping product back for repair to the manufacture.

By paying the invoice you agree to these terms and conditions. 

Privacy Policy:

Any information received by us will only be used to provide buyer with the best customer service we can offer. Your information will not be sold to or given away without expressed written consent from buyer. 

Our Policies: Our Policies
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