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Our Journey

TW child death

In 2016 a US Army Veteran, that's me Amy, started by making vests for the veteran's service dogs that I was helping to train. I trained close to 25 dogs for free and provided the vests also for cost of materials. A few of my clients suggested I make them more so I decided to start a shop and name it after my son (Holden Scott's Dog Gear). I do not train as much anymore as I am now partially a wheelchair user. 

Holden Scott was born in August of 2011 and he was amazing. He was smart and beautiful and I miss him more and more each day. Tragically, on October 21st 2013 my little boy got out of the house in freezing weather while I was at work. He found a neighbor's unkept pool that was partially filled with rain water and he drown in it. His body was found shortly after I arrived at home and I did CPR on him for what seemed like the longest time before the EMS arrived. He was pronounced dead after almost 3 hours of trying to revive him. In order to honor him and keep his memory alive, I put his name on everything I care about and it seemed like this was the best way to honor him. 

After the army, I was left with several disabilities that make it difficult for me to work a regular job but I will not let that stop me. Creating items for others to enjoy is a passion because it lets me find the silver lining in all the pain I have been through.

My partner Matt is the most amazing person I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He started with the shop in June 2019 and we honestly make a great team. I love that I can pick up the slack when he needs a break and I get the same in return. He is just as passionate about creating usable products as I am. He is the crafter behind all of our Bio-thane products as well as running the designs and managing our machine maintenance and supplies.

After spending the better part of 4 years making service dog gear, we as a team decided that it was time to take our passion a different direction. 

We look forward to creating long lasting and unique items for you, your home, office, birthday parties and especially the little ones. We are excited about this journey and can't wait to show you all what we are up to!

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